The Gillies Family Photographs from 2009

Debs and Marco's Wedding

Our nephew Marco and Debs got married on St Valentines Day. We were mostly in transit at the time. Glenda was in Torrino at the time, Emma and Chris returned from an Australian holiday the day before, and Richard departed for South America the day after - at 3.00 am!

Holiday in Andalucia - September 2009

Our summer holiday was in Andalucia. We had a wonderful place to stay overlooking the Straits of Gibralter. In the evening we could watch the sun setting over the Moroccan Rif Mountains.

Duncan's 60th Birthday

My 60th birthday was a beautiful sunny September day, so what could be more appropriate than a sixty mile bike ride along the river Thames? Having just read Our Mutual Friend I could check out where some of the action took place while visiting old haunts.